When we were young, we dreamed…

Chabad is a way of life that sees every person as the center of the universe, and every experience as a chance to improve the course of history. Back in 2003, we were a small community of friends sharing this unique brand of inclusive, joyful Judaism, dreaming of including all Hunterdon County residents in our journey.

Today, that dream is a magnificent reality…

Chabad’s reputation as a trendsetter with a non-judgmental approach has yielded explosive growth. Chabad now boasts a portfolio of cutting-edge educational programs, high-impact nonsectarian social services and holiday enrichment experiences serving every segment of society.

Programs For Children & Teens

  • Hebrew School
  • Summer Camp
  • CTeen
  • Jew Crew
  • High School Kosher Clubs
  • Holiday Parties
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Adult Education Programs

  • Jewish Learning Insitute (JLI)
  • Women's Rosh Chodesh Society
  • Torah Studies Lunch and Learn
  • Hebrew School for Adults
  • Medical Ethics Courses
  • Legal Ethics Courses
  • One-on-One Study
  • Lecture Series
  • Scholars-in-Residence

Home & Holiday Joy

  • Food, Clothing and Furniture assistance
  • Holiday toy drive
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Thanksgiving Joy

Chaplaincy & Visitation

  • Funeral and Burial Assistance
  • Homebound/Assisted Living visitation
  • Hunterdon Medical Center chaplaincy
  • Prison chaplaincy
  • Counseling

Jewish Life Celebrations

  • Non-Judgemental Synagogue services
  • Community Shabbat Dinners
  • Friendly High Holiday Services
  • Dynamic Chanukah events
  • Original Purim themed parties
  • Interactive community Passover Seder
  • Lag B'Omer BBQ
  • Shavuot ice cream party

Cultural & Social Events

  • Annual auction benefit
  • Gala dinner banquet
  • Wine and Cheese tasting
  • Jewish music festival
  • Kabbalah Yoga
  • Israel trip

Where we’ve been…Where we’re going!

What is your dream for our future?

We have reached a tipping point and the momentum is electric. Now is the time to build a state-of-the-art center to serve our community today and for generations to come.




Dedication Opportunities

  • Building DedicationReserved
  • Aron Kodesh ArkReserved
  • Main Sanctuary$500,000
  • Social Hall$360,000
  • Educational WingReserved
  • Hebrew SchoolReserved
  • Preschool$250,000
  • Grand Lobby Atrium$180,000
  • LibraryReserved
  • Entry Courtyard$180,000
  • Kosher Kitchen$150,000
  • Outdoor Playground$125,000
  • Teen and Youth LoungeReserved
  • Outdoor AmphitheaterReserved
  • Entry VestibuleReserved
  • Gift ShopReserved
  • Sukkah PlazaReserved
  • Outdoor GardenReserved
  • Landscaping$75,000
  • Security System$54,000
  • Kosher Cafe$54,000
  • Rabbi's OfficeReserved
  • Main EntranceReserved
  • Hebrew School Classroom (x4)$50,000
  • Preschool Classroom (x4)$50,000
  • Bimah Torah PlatformReserved
  • Sanctuary DoorsReserved
  • Mechitza$50,000
  • Educational Director Office$36,000
  • Administrative Wing$36,000
  • Indoor Play Area$36,000
  • Preschool Vegetable Garden$36,000
  • Holocaust Memorial DedicationReserved
  • Lobby Judaic Art GalleryReserved
  • Audio Visual Technology$36,000
  • Administrator Office$25,000
  • Synagogue FurnishingsReserved
  • Teacher Resource RoomReserved
  • Reception Office$25,000
  • Main Entrance MezuzahReserved
  • CornerstoneReserved
  • Tree of LifeReserved
  • Elevator$25,000
  • Meditation TerraceReserved
  • Library Furnishings$18,000
  • Memorial BoardReserved
  • Synagogue MezuzahReserved
  • Rabbi's LecternReserved
  • Ner Tamid - Eternal LightReserved
  • Kiddush ZoneReserved
  • Tzedakah Charity BoxReserved
  • Water Fountain$18,000
  • Library MezuzahReserved
  • Social Hall MezuzahReserved
  • Cantor's PodiumReserved
  • Prayer Book Cabinets (x5) $10,000
  • Washing StationReserved
  • Kippah StandReserved
  • Mezuzah (x15)$5,400
  • Tallis RackReserved

Donation Amount

With Thanks To

  • Drs. Jim & Alissa Fox
  • Stanley & Jane Blum
  • Alex & Leslie Kordonsky
  • Dr. Stephen & Edythe Victor
  • Mark & Jody Reich
  • Josh and Rachael Lubin
  • Dr. Ed & Susan Maron
  • Michael and Tali Benshimon
  • Avi Telyas
  • Scott Griffin & Bethlyn Krakauer
  • Andy & Sherry Krakauer
  • Jeff & Stephanie Mraz
  • Ken & Lisa Schapiro
  • Ron & Ruby Gelok
  • Roland & Esther Bakonyi
  • Eddie and Vivi Nassim
  • Steven Shweky
  • Bill & Sharon Hyman
  • Michael and Marie Laure Seiff
  • Ira Tate
  • Rich & Linda Melton
  • Gregg and Jean Frankel
  • Shoprite of Hunterdon
  • Gary Frank
  • John and Maria Gendelman
  • David Dallas
  • Flemington Department Store
  • Avi Schmied
  • Dr. Lisa Falcon
  • Brett Kaplan
  • Rich & Ilene Kaplan
  • Unity Bank
  • Yosef Pesin
  • Drs. Lloyd Haskell & Mary Fusco
  • Joe Zonenshine
  • Craig Rothenberg
  • Jerome Braff
  • Sandy & Karollee Glassman
  • Joe Epstein & Sheryl Feinstein
  • Chris & Maureen Ciraulo
  • Alex & Ella Vilenchik
  • Steve & Suzanne Kalafer
  • Alex & Laurie Esarco
  • Ted Resnick
  • Martin Resnick
  • Carl Resnick
  • Thor Harris
  • Yossi & Inna Ashdot
  • Ezra & Pearl Van Elkan
  • Aaron & Rachael White
  • Steven & Marjorie Keller
  • Michael & Wendy Sternberg
  • Lia Hernandez

Meet our team

Advisory Committee

David Dallas

Gary Frank

Gregg Frankel

Ron Gelok

Scott Griffin

Bethlyn Krakauer

James Hughes

Alex Kordonsky

Leslie Kordonsky

Josh Lubin

Rachael Lubin

Dr. Ed Maron

Susan Maron

Dr. Gary Shangold

Edythe Victor

Dr. Stephen Victor

Ilene Kaplan

Richard Kaplan

Michael Benshimon

Tali Benshimon

Thor Harris

Professional Team

Joshua Zinder & Michael Landau

Land Use Attorney:
Michael Camerino

General Contractor:
Peter Ypsilantis
Integrated Green Technologies

MEP Engineer and Project Manager:
Mathew Jarmel

Traffic Engineer:
Judd Rocciola

Campaign Marketing:
Spotlight Design, NY

Team Leaders

Chabad of Hunterdon County
63 Payne Rd.
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Rachel Kornfeld was born in Montreal, Quebec-Canada. She attended high school there and graduated as valedictorian of her class. Following high school, she spent two years in seminary and received her diploma as a teacher of Judaic Studies. Upon completing her teacher training she studied at Touro College in NY. She graduated “summa cum laude” with a B.S. in Communication Disorders with a minor in education. She also holds a Masters Degree in Health Sciences, Speech and Hearing Disorders. She is an ASHA accredited Speech Language Pathologist. Rachel has vast experience in the areas of children’s programming and education. She has worked as a successful counselor and head counselor in California, Florida and North Carolina. Upon graduating she worked as a teacher and assistant program director at Free Hebrew for Juniors, a supplementary school providing Hebrew and Jewish studies to public school students.

Rabbi Eli Kornfeld grew up in Seattle, Washington, is the third of ten siblings his father is a The Chabad representative in Mercer Island, WA, a leading Rabbi of the Jewish community and serves as the spiritual leader of Congregation Shevet Achim. He attended High School at the educational institute Oholei Torah in Brooklyn, NY, meriting to learn from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory. In 1997, he attended yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, Israel and then in Budapest, Hungary. He earned a B.S. of Religious Studies from the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ. He was part of a founding group of Yeshiva students who were the first class to learn in a yeshiva in Eastern Europe since World War Two. Upon completion of his studies he received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu OB”M Rabbi Yitzchak Yaruslovsky, Chief Rabbi of Rabbinical Court, Israel, Rabbi Zelig Sharfstein OB”M Chief Rabbi Cincinnati, OH, Rabbi Dovid Schochet Chief Rabbi Toronto, OT, and Rabbi Chaim Schapiro, Morristown, NJ.

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